Items in Question Limited  Modified
Internal Engine Modification  No Yes
Footpegs   Yes Yes
Add Foam (skid plate, glide plate, etc.)  Yes Yes
Throttle Tube  Yes Yes
Counter Shaft Covers (can be removed)  Yes Yes
Folding Clutch and Brake Levers: Including Perch Yes Yes
Frame Guards Yes Yes
Gripper Tape  Yes Yes
Hand Guards  (no metal gaurds or bark busters)  Yes Yes
Number Plate Back Grounds Yes Yes
Number Plate (Vented) Yes Yes
Radiator Guards or braces  Yes Yes
" Taller" or "cored" Seat Foam and Cover Yes Yes
Shifter Yes Yes
Fork Brace No Yes
Steering Stabilizer  Yes  Yes 
Skid/Glide Plate Yes Yes
Air Intake boot or airbox  No Yes
Air Fliter  Yes Yes
Back Fire Screen No Yes
Add Airbox Vent Tubes No Yes
Gas Tank Thermal Cover  Yes Yes 
Brake Lines Yes Yes
Brake Master Cylinders Yes Yes
Brake Pads Yes Yes
Brake Pedal Yes Yes
Brake Rotors Yes Yes
Brake Snake for Rear Brake Pedal Yes Yes
Adjustable Fuel Screw Yes Yes
Adjustable Leak Jet No Yes
Carburator (Jetting changes allowed)  No Yes
Carb Float Bowl No Yes
Intake spacer  No Yes
Chain Guides & Sliders Yes Yes
ECV (exhaust control valve)  No Yes
Chain Rollers Yes Yes
Clutch Case Cover Yes Yes
Exhaust (whole or part)
(Muffler tips to accommodate spark arrestors are ok)
No Yes
Oil Coolers  Yes Yes
Anodized Oil drain/ filler Plugs (cosmetic only)  Yes Yes
In-line Water Coolers Yes Yes
Radiator Hoses  Yes Yes
Radiators Yes Yes 
Power Valve actuator hose kit Yes Yes
Reed Valves or Reed Valve assembly  No Yes
Radiator Fan (Add)  No Yes
Water Pump assembly (including propeller) No Yes
Electronics  No Yes
Frame or Subframe No Yes
Aftermarket Triple Clamp  (Top clamp)  Yes Yes
Aftermarket Triple Clamp  (Bottom clamp)  No Yes
Fork Bleeder (aftermarket)  No Yes
Holeshot Devices Yes Yes
Shims and springs  Yes Yes
Swingarm  No Yes
Anodized Fork Caps (cosmetic only)  Yes Yes
Aftermarket Hub or Hub modification  No Yes
Rim Locks Yes Yes
Spokes Yes Yes
Aftermarket Rims
(must remain same dimentions as stock)    
Yes Yes


NO = must remain stock   Revised 
YES = may be added, changed or modified   05-08-13