Welcome to the official site of the Women’s Motocross (WMX) Championship. Here you will find all pertinent information regarding the all-new 2014 schedule, WMX rules and licensing information.

For 2014, the WMX Championship will be an eight round series that takes place in conjunction with premier amateur motocross events throughout the country – including the Ricky Carmichael Daytona Amateur Supercross, the Freestone Spring Championship, the California Classic, Mammoth Mountain, the Baja Brawl, KROC Raceway Park, the Top Gun Showdown and the Winter Olympics. The WMX Class will be the feature of the event, racing both motos on one day (with the exception of RCSX, which is a two-day event). The championship will be determined by taking the best six of eight rounds and a champion will be crowned following the finale in Florida.

Riders must meet the WMX Eligibility and Criteria in order to hold a license in 2014 and all licensing must be done prior to the event. The WMX race format will consist of two (2) motos of 15 minutes plus one (1) lap each (with the exception of RCSX, which will follow a Heat and Main format). Scoring will be based on a combined moto format to determine the overall winner for the event, in accordance with the AMA Racing Amateur Rulebook (excepting RCSX). There will be a $2,000 purse per event, paid per moto from first through tenth place.



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